Exhibition Outline


The 1st National Laboratory Equipment & Chemical Exhibition was organized by the vice-presidency for science and technology of I.R. Iran presidency in May 2013, to support domestic laboratory equipment and chemicals manufacturing, encourage universities and research centers to purchase national productions, also to decline domestic laboratories’ dependency to the imported equipment and materials. 

Following the previous successful shows, the vice-presidency has organized the 10th National Laboratory Equipment & Chemical Exhibition, from 10th to 13th December 2022 in the International Permanent Fairground, halls no. 40, 41, 44 and 31.

In this regard, like the previous events, the vice-presidency is going to implement special support, according to defined criteria, to the national research centers and universities which are interested to purchase products in the exhibition.

The Iran Lab Expo is the prime show in the field of laboratory equipment and laboratory materials and includes more than 350 companies in the different fields of laboratory equipment production. 


This year, the show will present in the following sectors:

-             Basic Physics

-          General Laboratory Equipment

-          Laboratory Material

-          Biomedical Engineering & Biomaterials

-          Machinery and Equipment in the field of Strategic Technologies

-          Oil & Petrochemistry

-          Electricity, Electronics, Software

-          Civil & Construction

-          Mechanics & Metallurgy

-          Agriculture & Environment

Iran Lab Expo will present more than 350 manufacturing companies with more than 9000 products in an area of about 15000 sqm in a 4-day event. Last year in 2021, Iran Lab Expo was hosting more than 10000 visitors from Iran and other countries like Iraq, Oman, Afghanistan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia, India, Pakistan and etc.

As Iran Lab Expo is a national exhibition, only national producers are allowed to present in the show, however, we would welcome any visitors including buyers, distributors and manufacturing companies to visit Iran Lab Expo.