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The company's goal is to prevent the outflow of currency from the country and create jobs for talented engineers and laboratory needs of the chemistry, environment, agriculture and more. Laboratory devices produced by this company in the chemical sector, agriculture, food industry, medicine, the environment and applications. In making machine from the best materials and equipment are used. We are proud of laboratory equipment all public and private sector laboratories of the easternmost part of the country to the north and south and West have used and This company has taken a major step to improve knowledge of Iran



  • 7th IranLabExpo

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Code Last Exhibition Grouping Product Type Name Model
44661 7th IranLabExpo fibr Fiber system Fb1
29728 7th IranLabExpo Other Extraction of Saturation soil 1390a-SS
33470 7th IranLabExpo Other Chemical Oxygen Demand System COD1
35847 7th IranLabExpo Other Lab Glass Washer AR2
35907 7th IranLabExpo Other Lab Glass Washer AR3
35977 7th IranLabExpo Other Calcimeter cal1
47002 7th IranLabExpo Hot plate Arminad Hot plate HOT2
29807 7th IranLabExpo Kjeldahl Digestion Apparatus َArminad Diegestion Block Adrin1392A
44624 7th IranLabExpo Kjeldahl Digestion Apparatus Arminad Digestion Block Adrin1392B
33474 7th IranLabExpo Cooling System Circulators Coll CC1
44618 7th IranLabExpo Automatic Distillation Distilation Unit DIS2
44559 7th IranLabExpo Water distillation Arminad Deionizer DE1